Introduction to ISPM 15

hen a professional encounters an export for the first time, there are many doubts about how much information he has on the network. The purpose of this article is to have an overview of the ISPM 15 and to be linked to the most important sources of information.

The International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures ISPM 15 was created by FAO and aims at regulating wood packaging used in foreign trade, reducing the risk of introduction and spread of pests and diseases of forests in the countries.

ISPM 15 is a heat treatment which implies that the wood reaches 56 ° C at it´s center for at least 30 continuous minutes.

Once treated wood and the box manufactured, it is necessary that the marking is visible and that the international mark is at least on two opposite sides. It is not necessary to issue a certificate, it will only be issued at the request of the phytosanitary protection agencies of the countries of destination.

Finally, know that to export with wooden packaging, it is necessary that the supplier is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

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