BREXIT AND ISPM Application No. 15

In the international geopolitical environment there has been a schism that has agitated the current context, Brexit. This change in the relationship between the European Union and Great Britain still to be defined may also affect the current status of

imports – exports between the two parties.

In addition to other important changes in the implementation of new rates or tariffs, Brexit may entail, as we have commented in one of the last post for the Canary Islands, the application of the ISPM15 standard that regulates the transit of wood between territories Once the packaging has been treated, it must bear the mark that indicates that it has undergone the corresponding treatment.

As an alternative to traditional wood packaging and as we have seen in the previous entry, there are currently processed wood materials (plywood board, OSB board, chipboard,…) that are exempt from compliance with these guidelines. The use of these materials for the construction of packaging can save customs procedures and unexpected delays. As an example of one of them is the Clipping Crate Free Docs model manufactured entirely with processed wood.

In the absence of a definitive agreement for this departure from Great Britain from the European club, it is important to evaluate the possible changes that this fact may bring in the future as well as adapt with the greatest agility to them, one of them can undoubtedly be the requirement of the international phytosanitary standard ISPM15.

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